Smtp Server

User Friendly with any platform

It can use this service with any email program, like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Mozilla spirit, list Studio, Eudora, Kmail, raincoat Mail, Opera Mail, etc. Compatible with any software , including: Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, etc. It doesn't matter that association used. SMTP SERVER will be used with any association (modem, ISDN, ADSL, HDSL, GPRS, UMTS, etc.) and with any ISP.

Compatible with all hardware edge technologies

Our servers use the most recent hardware technologies, square measure updated frequently with the simplest parts to create the foremost of the utmost speed. Our operators perform periodic inspections to make sure correct operation of the machines. The package used for sorting mail square measure new generation and guarantee service responsibleness.

Provide cleaning of black list

We work so our servers don't result ever on the black list. And within the case of reports on requests for cancellation from such lists they're immediate. we have a tendency to forestall malicious users from causing spam with our servers block them straight off. this permits US to possess a secure service for all our customers.

Good for Sending Newsletter and Mailing List

ideal for causing out newsletters and mailing lists To make managing and causing suggest account listing Studio . listing Studio may be a computer code developed entirely in Italia. It permits you to simply manage whole information of mailing lists by dividing them into teams and subgroups. It facilitates causing newsletters and checks the result. It 'still one amongst the foremost complete on the market. appropriate for each professionals and straightforward users.
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