Sending Newsletter

Studio will import and export recipients from SQL Server or directly from Microsoft workplace applications like Outlook, Access and stand out . additionally to workplace, list Studio import information from the address book of Outlook category and Windows Mail and even from simple file as .txt or .csv.

Mailing List Studio is programmed to send a unlimited messages. By managing to send to multiple recipients should additionally defend themselves from accidentally revealing the e-mail addresses of different recipients, in this our package can facilitate by causing newsletters via email to every individual recipient.

Mailing List Studio a software that takes care of the news report causing fifty times quicker than the other software for causing news report . The Turbo engine for causing news report designed and developed entirely by PESARO SYSTEM® that permits you to send news report a lot of quicker than the other software . It reduces the traffic to your SMTP server fifty times and consequently avoids overloading the network. With list Studio will manage subscriptions and cancellations to the news report mechanically each time while not having to add new recipients manually. just in case of messages with the topic take away or SUBSCRIBE list Studio can manage subscriptions / cancellations from next news report sent mechanically.