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Generally after you perform a quest for contacts or corporations in telephone book directories, it displays an inventory of search results with the contact/company name, address, phone, fax, email address, and therefore the driving directions. Now, you would like to store the search results, right? for instance, if you would like to extract those search results from telephone book directories to AN surpass programme, however would you set about it? To overcome this problems,You can prefer the Extractor Studio is one such lead capture software that helps you to make targeted mailing lists, build business mailing lists, build targeted prospect lists, build lead lists and build cold line lists from telephone book directories. Extractor Studio permits you to instantly extract information from telephone book directories to surpass computer programme. Extractor Studio conjointly helps you to eliminate duplicate contacts. And, you'll instantly export the contacts to contact managers like ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook too.

Extractor Studio a software to extract contact details on the websites of Yellow Pages:
phone numbers
This feature permits you to seek out correct and current contacts. Extractor Studio automates the search and rescue of the contacts you'd otherwise do manually on the net. Extractor Studio is put in on your pc. Extractor Studio is extremely easy to use. And sufficient to point the kind and space , and also the program can perform the ricarca reading all the results of the sites. Other than that, one thing terribly important: - there's no limit on the quantity of contacts - There are not any limits on the time of use - The program doesn't expire - No annual fees - No claims to climb - It prices a -tantum, you pay just one occasion - In most one year of free updates A program to send your newsletter We'll need a nice program to handle any stage happening when the gathering of email addresses. A program to send your newsletter, to handle mailing lists, to form posts for audits, for statistics, etc.. We square measure talking of list Studio. Organize your lists into groups and subgroups About 200 Template ready to use Anti SPAM Integration with Social Network Turbo Engine, sending a block of 50 emails at a time Managing the block list Statistics in Real Time Sharing database with other workstations Account senders Unlimited Mailing List Studio is everything you server for an email marketing professional.


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